February 2019


With the long-rumoured release of Google Pixel timepiece, the renamed Wear OS software may soon be fully demonstrated. This article will provide an overview of the release date and the latest information on the Google Pixel SmartwatchGoogle Pixel Watch release time: The exact release date of the rumoured Google Pixel timer is unclear. The original tweet from Evleaks contained what he called a “reliable source” saying it would be announced with Google Pixel 3 phone and Pixel 3 XL smart-phone, but this did not happen. Google itself confirmed that there would be no Pixel Watch in 2018. So does this mean that we will see one in 2019? Maybe, but there is no guarantee.

The report from Win Future about the three versions of Google Pixel Watch said that the device has reached the second level of design verification, which is a test to see if the device is easy to mass produce. This shows that the watch design will eventually be enough to put into the production line in the near future. Then there is the fact that a device named medaka has discovered a new code.

News and rumours of Google Pixel Watch: Google Pixel Watch is not known in terms of specifications. We can expect this to be a high-end device that uses the latest technology in smartwatches, but we won’t know anything until we hear the product leak. It may run Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which means you can improve battery life and run your favourite apps on your wrist.

One feature of the rumour is something codenamed “Blackghost.” It is considered to be a built-in power management IC for the chipset, allowing the watch to listen to voice commands at any time without draining the battery. This is not a feature of Snapdragon Wear 3100, but it may be that Google has found a way to make it an exclusive feature when Pixel Watch is launched.

If this is true, then we all want to be able to ask the Google Assistant for a few hours without running out of the smartwatch or without having to press a button. Another report has indicated that three versions of Pixel Watch may be under development. The site has heard about devices being coded by Ling, Triton and Sardine that are being developed at Google’s headquarters.

It is not clear what the difference in equipment is. This may mean that we will see three variants of Pixel Watch. The same report also shows that at least one version of the watch will be equipped with 1GB of RAM, which is very important for smartwatches. This may mean that there will be a watch that focuses more on fitness in LTE or other watches, but so far, no rumours have been heard about these different versions.

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This year’s Android mobile phones will usher in a large counterattack, taking advantage of Apple’s sales decline, all manufacturers have come up with a very cool design, there is already a lot of black technology, Even Google has not let go of this good opportunity. Recently, the news about Google’s new machine has been exposed. The new Google Pixel 4 phone will usher in Google’s latest design, and the machine will also be equipped with Android 10, although it is still a long time since the release date of the machine, The rendering of the aircraft has arrived, and then take a look with us.

Google Pixel 4 series will adopt a completely different design. In the front design of the new machine, the new Google Pixel 4 adopts a true full-screen design. Although it has been rumoured that the machine continues to polish the bangs, from the renderings, The design of the bangs has been cancelled, and how the front camera of the new machine is solved is still a mystery. The screen ratio of the front of the whole machine has been greatly improved. The effect of the front of the Google Pixel 4 mobile phone is very shocking. On the back design of the Google Pixel 4, Google, which has always been a maverick, continues to adopt the single-camera design, but this time there is no fingerprint recognition on the back of the fuselage, except that the design of the back of the fuselage is almost the same as before. In the overall design of the new Google Pixel 4 machine, it continues the style of the Google Pixel series, and Google Pixel 4 will have a variety of new colour combinations.

Google Pixel 4 will use this year’s flagship processor, which is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, and the performance of this processor is remarkably superior. In terms of the memory combination, Google Pixel 4 smartphone will start with 6GB + 128GB memory combination, the new machine will have 8GB + 256GB memory combination also, which is the popular standard of Android. In the camera combination, Google Pixel 4 phone will be equipped with a rear-mounted single 48-megapixel camera, which supports optical image stabilization. As for the front camera, the Google Pixel Four machine is equipped with a single 12 million pixel camera, this combination is terribly awesome. According to Google’s latest commits, the Pixel 4 flagship phone will feature extra-functional dual SIM just like the iPhone Xs max. In other configurations, Google Pixel 4 will support wireless charging, screen fingerprint recognition and other functions.

In terms of the Google Pixel 4 release date, it will be officially launched in the second half of this year. At present, there is no more accurate Google Pixel 4 release time exposure, but according to the release time of previous years, the possibility of being released in 2019 September is extremely high. In terms of the Google Pixel 4 price, According to rumours, it may be from about $649 to $999, which is the mainstream standard for Android’s high-end flagship machine. The final price of the new machine has not yet been confirmed. At present, there is only so much news about Google Pixel 4. If you want to get more technical information, please pay attention to it.