Voyage of Time in Omega Constellation

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Omega Constellation series is famous as the most recognizable and stylish series all over the world, whose inspiration came from Omega Centenary in 1948. Elegant look and accurate self-winding movement certified by officially chronometer symbolize superlative achievements and excellent status in the timepiece field.

In 1952, the first model in Omega Constellation came out, which featured the dial with twelve small sections, rivet markers, triangle hands and 352 movement, the bracelet covered with gorgeous gold coating, representative gold star on the watch face and the case-back carved with observatory badge.

In 1982, in order to celebrate 30 anniversary, Carol Didisheim and Pierre-AndréAellen designed the Manhattan watch with four griffes fastening sapphire crystal and gasket. Besides bezel in Omega Constellation has been decorated with Roman numbers since that year.

In 1995, an important Milestones was laid since Cindy Crawford joined in the design team to design new watches. Therefore, Omega Constellation became known as “Cindy Crawford’s choice”.

In 2008, so as to celebrate 160 anniversary, Omega had memorial editions in Omega Constellation up for sale for men and women. For men, Omega designed brushed case with four griffes and provided more choices for 18 K red gold, 18 K gold, Bi-metal or stainless steel. The bezels for 18 K gold and Bi-metal were decorated with either 40 diamonds or black Roman numbers, while the bezel for stainless steel with black Roman numbers. “160 years” was carved on the case-back. For all models, watch faces were crafted with 11 diamond hour markers, and the calendar windows were at 3 O’clock. Memorial edition for women hadn’t the calendar window. Arabesques on the face starting with the star was distinctive and surprising.

In 2009, on the basic of early features, new Omega Constellation improved a lot in function and look and designed more styles in case and diamonds. Everyone could get at least one to suit you from many styles.

In 2012, to celebrate 60 anniversary, Omega Constellation Day Date with 38 mm diameter was exhibited in he Basel watch fair.

In 2017, Shishi Liu, a Chinese actress, became the spokesperson of new series of Omega Constellation Chronometer Limited Edition.

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